Did you guys hear people talking about bags rent?
Few girls like a lot of bloggers have a lot of expensive handbags, but not all are able to afford these bags like me! It is suitable, for people that want to be cool, to rent luxury bags. In this way, you
  can change a lot of bags and choose your favourite designer. You can rent bags choosing monthly or weekly option.
You can read informations in bags rent websites.
Ready to always wear different and luxury bags for every occasion??

HERMES BIRKIN : 70 euro 7 days ( bag & )

Here useful links about bags rent:


CHANEL BOWLER BAG: 70 euro 7 days ( bag & co. it )

LADY DIOR : 55 euro 7 days ( )

LOUIS VUITTON MINI NOè ROCOCO : 75 euro 7 days ( myluxurybiz )

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